Reading Recommendation, Vol 1. -THE FINAL CUT by Jasper Bark

As a fan of all things creepy, gory, disturbing (you get the picture, right?), and as a forever-fan of the written word, I can often be found either with a horror book in hand, or in the contents of my backpack.

I want to help find a way to spread the word a bit about some good reads I come across, especially from the smaller publishers, the self-publishers, and the like. It’s important to me that the horror community does what they can to support one another, especially when good projects come along. So I am starting this new column of the blog with a shout-out to my most recent read, which was a pretty good one.


The Final Cut by Jasper Bark is a horror that’s surely to be unlike a lot of things you’ve read lately. It includes a lot of elements from crime, supernatural, urban fantasy, and the realms of real-life destruction and the mystical are all nicely intertwined. It’s a story that starts somewhere and then goes in a completely unexpected direction, diving into the depths of a power struggle that travels through history.

Jimmy and Sam are two horror filmmakers living in East London. Things don’t start off well for them, being tied up by a loan shark and forced to watch a gruesome snuff film. Things only get stranger when their kidnappers are brutally killed, leaving Jimmy and Sam to leave freely, now in the possession of the snuff film.

Their plan is to use this newly discovered footage to make their next film, and they audition a seductive, mysterious woman named Melissa, who just happens to be a dead wringer for the girl in the snuff film….

Without giving too much away, things begin to come off the rails, and they unlock mysteries behind ancient rituals, and discover the film that they hold is a re-telling of history that’s been going on for thousands of years. They find themselves caught in the middle of something they can hardly fathom, with beings of great power and at the same time mass depravity.


Brought to us by Crystal Lake Publishing, The Final Cut is rich with inventive ideas, a real passion for horror storytelling, and some nice twists and turns that keep the pages moving.

You can grab this book on Amazon for either $14.99 in paperback, or $3.99 on Kindle. And of course, if you are a member of the Kindle Unlimited group, you can read right now for free!

And do yourself a favor and follow Jasper Bark on Twitter – he has plenty of other horror offerings which I will be checking out soon, so check back on the blog for more reviews!

HUSH is the horror film you need to see on Netflix

A few nights ago, or rather a few early, early mornings ago, I was scrolling through my Netflix list, doing my usual debate as to what I would watch while I inevitably passed out. Frustrated at not just being able to choose something off an enormous list, I went to my Top Picks where I found a film called HUSH, a film about a deaf writer who lived alone and struggled against someone hell-bent on terrorizing her. I don’t often see horror films show up on Netflix that I haven’t seen AND have a good overall rating, both based on my taste and in the eyes of the general public, so I thought what the hell, and turned it on.

Let’s just say the inevitable passing out period didn’t happen, and my eyes were glued to the TV for the next 100 minutes.

I’m a pretty big fan of the home invasion style of horror, but in being a big fan of it, I’ve seen just about every angle they can take, and I can say this one felt entirely fresh, with little bits and pieces of former installments in the subgenre, but overall it stood on its own merits and had a lot of nice touches.

The cinematography is great, and the style in which they jump from the woman’s perspective of being deaf to the sounds happening around, the clues she’s missing because of her handicap, it’s all done very smoothly. Kate Siegel is left to carry most of this movie on her own, and she does a terrific job, selling all the moments of suspense and terror quite well.

It’s got some good gory moments, a nice mysterious villain, and the tension builds very nicely to a great climax, and a very fitting ending.

I don’t want to dive into any sort of details and spoil a single thing. It’s a great movie, one of the best horrors I’ve watched in a long while, and even Stephen King, a master of horror is in his right, has thrown his weight behind supporting this new film.


So what are you waiting for? Don’t add it to your endless queue of debated movies and programs, no, just load it up and watch it. Then spread the word.