Recommended Reading: THE BOX by Brian Harmon

While scrolling through some of my Kindle recommendations for some darker literature, I came across the The Temple of the Blind series by Brian Harmon. The first entry? The Box. Admittedly, I’ve already read and seen many things featuring that oh-so-mysterious box, but the synopsis sounded pretty gripping so I decided to give it a shot (what the hell, it was free anyway), and I have to say I’m quite pleased I did.

Published in 2011, the first in a series that features six books, The Box is the tale of a young puzzle-loving fella named Albert Cross. Albert finds a strange wooden box in his car with markings he doesn’t quite understand, and thus the mystery begins. His lab partner Brandy finds herself entwined in the adventure when she discovers what turns out to be the key to the box in her own car. They uncover a map that leads them underground, through service tunnels, drainage pipes and the like. What are they being led to? Well, they have no idea.

Throughout the journey in the tunnels, they discover immaculately made statues that appear a bit too human-like for comfort, etched in different dark and terrifying imagery. The statues are able to evoke emotions from them that they cannot control, and to make matters a bit more grisly, they are being followed by someone, or something, toying with them as they go deeper and deeper into the abyss.

The Box is a fresh spin on the whole jaunt through a haunted labyrinth tale, with terrific imagery describing the rooms they come across that make it easier to imagine the terror the characters have uncovered. Each room has a different theme, constantly switching things up for Brandi and Albert and you will find yourself continually questioning what’s next. It’s a fast-paced adventure-thriller, and the relationship that builds between Albert and Brandi is strong and never goes into overly cheesy territory or something that would be unbelievable.

Admittedly, the ending is a bit of a let-down, a build-up to a climax that doesn’t really hit its full potential, but sort of necessary considering the mystery had to continue in the next books. The author Brian Harmon maximizes the use of the setting, filling the tunnels and service areas with all kinds of interesting clues and obstacles his characters must go through

I shall be continuing The Temple of the Blind immediately, having already purchased the second entry, Gilbert House I invite any fan of grim mystery-thrillers to give this one a go.

Long Story Short – Kids get weird clues and a map that leads them underground. Madness ensues. A well-written, fast-moving story that will answer some of its questions, but leave others unanswered.

Where You Can Get It – You can get the book FOR FREE using the Amazon Kindle App. Here’s the link: The Box (novel can also be purchased in paperback)