HUSH is the horror film you need to see on Netflix

A few nights ago, or rather a few early, early mornings ago, I was scrolling through my Netflix list, doing my usual debate as to what I would watch while I inevitably passed out. Frustrated at not just being able to choose something off an enormous list, I went to my Top Picks where I found a film called HUSH, a film about a deaf writer who lived alone and struggled against someone hell-bent on terrorizing her. I don’t often see horror films show up on Netflix that I haven’t seen AND have a good overall rating, both based on my taste and in the eyes of the general public, so I thought what the hell, and turned it on.

Let’s just say the inevitable passing out period didn’t happen, and my eyes were glued to the TV for the next 100 minutes.

I’m a pretty big fan of the home invasion style of horror, but in being a big fan of it, I’ve seen just about every angle they can take, and I can say this one felt entirely fresh, with little bits and pieces of former installments in the subgenre, but overall it stood on its own merits and had a lot of nice touches.

The cinematography is great, and the style in which they jump from the woman’s perspective of being deaf to the sounds happening around, the clues she’s missing because of her handicap, it’s all done very smoothly. Kate Siegel is left to carry most of this movie on her own, and she does a terrific job, selling all the moments of suspense and terror quite well.

It’s got some good gory moments, a nice mysterious villain, and the tension builds very nicely to a great climax, and a very fitting ending.

I don’t want to dive into any sort of details and spoil a single thing. It’s a great movie, one of the best horrors I’ve watched in a long while, and even Stephen King, a master of horror is in his right, has thrown his weight behind supporting this new film.


So what are you waiting for? Don’t add it to your endless queue of debated movies and programs, no, just load it up and watch it. Then spread the word.